A family adventure



Jumping is the best way to overcome you fear to emptiness. Dare your limits!

An enjoyable and relaxing activity that does not require special skills. Perfect to enjoy a day with your family! Visit Dock39 Ballonti’ mini-golf circuit!

Dare to live the ‘extreme break’ and enjoy a sport practice for every day self-improvement. There’s no rush! Lear or improve your technique at our climbing school and lessons for all ages and levels.

Ready for new sensations? Live Clip ‘n Climb experience using the best auto belay device (Trueblue) and reach the top of our climbing walls. ‘Big Cheese’, ‘Cloud9’, ‘Ice Climb’ or the well-known ‘Stair Way To Heaven’ are waiting for you.

Sail in quiet waters, live a relaxing experience on board. Share a moment of calm in our boats with your friends and family and row in couple or in group.

Slide over our outdoor ice rink. Winter spirid has arrives to Dock 39. Show your skills or take your first steps helped by the best teachers.

The ideal place for kids, an area for climbing, sliding and having fun. Enjoy the safest environment!

Find out surfing sensation during all the year and try to tame our wild wave!

An underworld for discovery. Kids will love to live adventure in our caves.

Afraid of heights and emptiness? Overcome your fears and challenge yourself trying out adventure circuits. Caution, Vertig’up may cause you great surprises!

Escape Mission is Dock39’s escape room activity. The perfect option for beginners and experienced, for children and adults. Solve the puzzles and win you freedom. Use logic to follow the clues, solve the puzzles and get out of the room before the counter scores zero.

Have you ever wanted to jump on a trampoline? Jump and reach the highest! Funny Jumpy is a great activity where you’ll be able to jump and experience a world that you’ve never imagined.