Augmented Climbing Wall Augmented Climbing Wall


Discover our new activity AUGMENTED CLIMBING WALL, a climbing game in augmented reality.
From the youngest to experienced climbers, experience an amazing, 100% connected and interactive experience.

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5 immersive and thrilling games are available:


  • Augmented problems: a game of tracks opening and climbing which makes it possible to share the experience via a personalized video.
  • Whack a bat: the bat hunt is open! Crush them in record time. Your endurance will be put to the test.
  • Sparks: a labyrinth game, to get out the climber is made to engage on several climbing moves.
  • Climball: a dynamic ping pong game.
  • Astromania: this game brings the climber to the ends of space to defend the planet from meteorites.

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