Escape Mission Escape Mission


Give your children a moment of adventure during an Escape Game!

This activity consists of staying locked in a room for 40 minutes with its team (from 2 to 4 players), search the scene for clues that will help you solve puzzles. You will have to show curiosity, logic and team spirit to succeed in getting out before the end of the timer.

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A strong and memorable adventure through 2 worlds:

BlackBeard’s Cabin: For centuries, the legendary BlackBeard’s ghost ship, the famous pirate of the Caribbean, has been wandering the seas in search of revenge. You are his prisoners and the curse of Blackbeard will cause your loss! Will you manage to find the key to escape?

Port Royal, Treasure Island: Welcome to the treasure island of Port Royal, go on a quest for treasure through every corner of the island. Be careful, the mountain of this island is dark and you risk being locked up forever. Will you be up to scratch its mysteries?

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