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Clip ‘n climb

Clip'n climb

More tan 30 different challenges

Fun for all ages

Healthy leisure activity

With over 30 climbing challenges, Clip ‘n Climb offers an entertaining and fun activity for the entire family!

With its unique look and use of TRUBLUE auto belay devices, Clip ‘n Climb makes climbing easy, reassuring and fun. With the Clip ‘n Climb clipper system you can climb any challenge on your own and still be safe. Clip ‘n Climb is for everyone, from age 4 and up.

We guarantee unforgettable moments will be had by all!

Dock 39 Clip 'n climb
Dock 39 Clip 'n climb
Dock 39 Clip 'n climb

Clip ‘n Climb was invented in Christchurch, New Zealand by John Targett and Tim Wethey.

The first centre opened there in 2005 with immediate success, and the Fun Climbing industry was born.

Clip ‘n Climb is the international market leader, a position that has been maintained through a policy of quality and innovation. In 2015 Tim exited the company to pursue other interests and Entre-Prises took a strategic stake in the business. Christchurch continues to be the testing ground for new challenges but capacity has been grown thanks to an expansion of the production units in New Zealand and England.